The Bomba Method

Over generations, we’ve mastered the art of creating luscious, long and healthy hair. The Bomba Method was specifically created for curly hair using a uniquely Dominican style of hair care that is designed to help you achieve lengths you never before imagined. Stunted growth can be caused by many factors including breakage, dry scalp and follicular stress. Using The Bomba Method and our specially formulated products will promote hair and scalp health, which in turn will help you achieve megawatt results.

The Detox

The most important component for achieving growth is a healthy scalp. Give your hair and scalp a proper detox by avoiding products that contain sulfates, mineral oil, silicones or drying alcohols. Words to look out for on a label that indicate silicones are anything that ends in -cone, -xane, conol ( i.e. Dimethicone, Siloxane, Dimethiconol). For drying alcohols look out for propanol, isopropyl, ethanol and alcohol denat. on a product label. These are not only extremely drying but flammable and who wants that on their hair! Fatty alcohols like cetearyl, cetyl, and stearyl are actually wonderful for curls because they help to moisturize and soften curls and add slip to products. If your hair and scalp has been exposed to harmful chemicals commonly found in most haircare products then that could be causing you to experience slow or stunted hair growth. Eliminating these products from your regimen will gradually allow your hair to heal and flourish.

The Wash

Sulphates or nah? That is the question. Nothing is worst for the health of your hair and scalp than product buildup which only gets in the way of growth! Our scalp is skin too and it needs to breathe, so it's important to remove gunk like old product and dead skin cells. Imagine what the skin on your body would look like with if you never cleansed it properly. It is necessary to cleanse the scalp and remove the buildup from on top of your cuticles to allow all the nutritious elements of your treatments to penetrate. Co-washing is an excellent in between wash day means to replenish curls while removing some of the buildup from your products. However, we also recommend using an all natural-sulphate free shampoo that contains a gentle sulphate alternative like Cocoamidopropyl betaine to bust up buildup. If you have MAJOR buildup or a very oily scalp we recommend a sulphate-based shampoo to give your scalp a fresh start.

We also have a PSA on shampoo. Never ever detangle your hair with shampoo! No matter how much slip you think it has! I cringe every time I hear someone talk about detangling their hair on wash day with shampoo. This is a big No-No under The Bomba Method. Shampoo was made to cleanse not to detangle and you are more prone to breakage occurring if you try to detangle your hair with shampoo in it.

The Treatment

I can't stress the importance of conditioning your hair enough, especially for curly hair. Our hair is very fragile because each bend along the strand represents a weak point, therefore we need to give our hair treatments that not only moisturize but strengthen our curls. Deep condition your hair as often as it needs! This part of The Bomba Method goes back to my Dominican roots, where it is not unheard of to deep condition twice a month or even weekly depending on the needs of your hair. Listen to what your hair is telling you and not what everyone else is!
Ensuring that your curls are hydrated is key to achieving maximum length retention. Hydrated curls are stronger curls which means less breakage and longer hair. Look for products that contain argan oil, avocado oil, and the mother of all hair butters cupuacu butter-which holds 200x more moisture than shea butter.

The Process

The only point at which you should ever try to detangle your hair is after you have spread your deep conditioner or conditioner from root to tip. At this point your strands are coated with a product that provides the necessary slip you need to detangle and get rid of knots and tangles without risking breakage. Keep your deep conditioner on for 15-30 minutes so you allow it to fully penetrate the cuticle. Wear a plastic cap and sit under a hooded dryer or steamer, if possible. After you rinsed off your deep conditioner, follow up with conditioner. If you are short on time it's okay to skip the conditioner follow up but deep conditioning is a must! Remember to always rinse with cold water to help lock your cuticles down and keep your curls smooth and frizz free.

The Trim

Skip the trims. You heard that right! Dusting is a curly girls best friend. It’s a common misconception that trimming your hair will make it grow…I hate to break it you but that is a lie! Constant trims, every 6-8 weeks, may actually lead to you losing any of the length you’ve gained which places you right back where you started. Dusting is a simple a quick cleanup that removes just the split ends while keeping length. You’re just eliminating the little ends of our hair that have done their time, that’s all. Now, that doesn’t mean that you should skip trims altogether. Sometimes a good trim is exactly what your curls need to regain their shape and bounce, but in general, trims should be reserved for a few times a year.