Satin for Natural Hair: Why you should go Satin

Satin for Natural Hair: Why you should go Satin

We want your curls to stay moisturized, bouncy, and soft for as long as possible. This is why we decided to drop a new product! We are proud to introduce our new Satin Scrunchies! Satin provides numerous benefits for natural hair. Want to know why you should go Satin? Keep reading below!

Natural Hair Benefits

Healthier hair: Satin acts as a barrier against moisture-absorbing fabrics. This is why many people use satin bonnets, scrunchies, and pillow cases. They help prevent split ends caused by your hair drying out, which results in healthier hair. 

Prevents Breakage: Non-satin fabrics can cause unwanted friction when your hair rubs against them. This causes split ends and who wants that? Satin eliminates this problem leaving you with healthier stronger hair.

Longer Lasting Hairstyles: Ever wonder why your hair styles aren't lasting? Well if you aren't using satin, that can definitely be the problem. Using satin allows your hair to stay nice, fresh, and moisturized for longer. So no more styling your hair every 2 days!

 Different ways to use Satin Scrunchies

Pineapple: Many people use the pineapple method to stretch and preserve their curls overnight. Satin scrunchies are perfect to use for this method and doesn't cause extra frizz on your curls.


Banding Method: Banding is a great way to stretch your curls overnight. Many people use regular hair ties but they can cause frizz and breakage. Using satin scruchies can eliminate these issues, leaving you with fluffy frizz-free curls.



Sprucing Up Hairstyles: Have you ever styled your hair and it's just seems to be missing something? Try adding a Satin Scrunchie! A small touch can make a big difference in your final look.


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