Ingredients 101: Pistachio Oil For Natural Hair

Ingredients 101: Pistachio Oil For Natural Hair

When it comes to your hair, all natural ingredients are the way to go! You know the term, "you are what you eat"? Well, the same concept applies to your hair. We created our sweet Forbidden Hair Mask with this in mind. It includes multiple premium ingredients such as: Raw Cinnamon, Pistachio & Cupuacu Butter that helps to nourish, strengthen, and grow your hair. One ingredient in particular we would like to highlight is Pistachio Oil!

What is Pistachio Oil

The pistachio nut is a member of the cashew family and originated from Asia and the Middle East. Pistachio nuts have been used since ancient times as a symbol of wellness. Pistachio Oil is a pressed oil, extracted from the fruit of Pistacia vera, the pistachio nut. It is very versatile and can be used for skincare, haircare, or cooking.

Pistachio Oil Benefits For Natural Hair

Pistachio oil is great because it contains a high content of linoleic acid, fatty acids and Vitamin E. It has numerous benefits for natural hair such as:

  • Excellent source of biotin that helps to treat hair loss by strengthening the hair, which promotes hair growth. 
  • Pistachio oil is a ceramide oil with a 32.7% concentration. Ceramides help keep the scales on hair in place and prevents hair from drying out and breaking. 
  • The combination of ceramides, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E help to smooth and condition the hair.

How To Use Our Forbidden Hair Mask

After shampooing, apply product from root to end. Massage gently into hair, focusing on ends and distribute evenly. If your hair needs a little extra TLC, you can add few drops of our Dominican Forbidden Oil for extra conditioning. Leave on hair for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Use every 1-2 weeks for best results.

 Try Our Forbidden Hair Mask Infused With Pistachio Oil

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