Do Hair Vitamins Really Work for Natural Hair?

Do Hair Vitamins Really Work for Natural Hair?

Introducing Bomba Beauty Bites!

Bomba Beauty Bites are a delicious beauty boosting blend formulated to nourish your hair, skin and nails. Our gummy vitamins contain the perfect blend of biotin: which helps boost nail and hair growth, collagen: which helps improve skin youthfulness and elasticity, folic acid: which helps fight premature aging and wrinkle lines, and essential vitamins to help you unlock healthy hair growth, supple skin, stronger nails and also promote a stronger immune system. A huge plus is that they are flavored with natural Passion Fruit, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Our gummy vitamins will not cause breakouts and are the perfect way to boost your health & wellness focused lifestyle!

How To Get The Full Benefits Of Hair Vitamins

Maximizing your hair growth is a full time job that takes way more than just time. What you really want is length retention, not just hair growth. The best way to achieve this is to

1. Make sure you are getting trims every 2-4 months. This prevents split ends from climbing up your hair shaft and it keep your ends healthy and full.

2. Next, make sure you are deep conditioning every 1-2 weeks. This is a major key to keeping your curls strong and healthy. Our Forbidden Hair Mask is the perfect combo to keep your curls soft, strong, and juicy!

3. After your curls are nice and refreshed, seal in that moisture with our Dominican Forbidden Oil or use it as a hot oil treatment.

4. Finally, add hair vitamins into your daily regimen and watch your curls flourish before your eyes. When taking Bomba Beauty Bites you want to make sure you are eating a healthy diet that is high in protein, iron, and other vitamins. You also want to drink a lot of water. More than you would normally to keep your body and hair hydrated.

Hair Vitamins Misconceptions

Many people tend to think hair vitamins instantly grow your hair as soon as you consume them but the key to achieving results is consistency with your regimen and time. 

How To Use

Take 2 gummy vitamins a day, consistently for 3 months, to get all the nutrients needed to meet your hair goals! Unlike the conventional vitamins, our gummies are easy to take and gentle on your stomach - plus they don't cause breakouts!

Our vitamins also have the highest amount of biotin available on the market to help promote beautiful hair growth. 

For best results make sure you are consistently using our Forbidden Growth Bundle!

 Happy growing and glowing!

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