Benefits Of Microfiber For Natural Hair

Benefits Of Microfiber For Natural Hair

After a long stressful wash day it's time to dry your hair and...uh oh!! You grab a cotton towel...WRONG MOVE SIS!! Now your hair is dried out and full of lint. Before you panic, let’s talk about why you need to ditch your regular cotton towel and switch to  microfiber instead. Below we’ll discuss what a microfiber towel actually is and the benefits it has for your natural hair!

What is microfiber?

Microfiber towels are so popular amongst naturals because it is a lightweight material made from polyester that absorbs seven times its weight in water and is more gentle than cotton. We introduced our ultra soft, microfiber Spa Luxe Hair Wrap to help make taking care of your tresses chic and easy.  

Benefits Of Microfiber 

Over the past few years microfiber has become a hot topic in the beauty industry because of the numerous benefits it has for natural hair such as:

1. Less frizz:

Microfiber has a smoother texture compared to cotton which, allows it to create less friction on your strands. This results in less frizz and smoother more manageable hair.

2. Less breakage:

Many times when you use cotton towels or even t-shirts you will notice your hair tends to snag or get caught on the material. Since microfiber has a finer and smoother texture this helps to prevent and eliminate tangles/snags which, results in less breakage.

3. Doesn't dry hair out:

Unlike cotton, microfiber towels are able to quickly absorb water without leaving your hair feeling excessively dry. This makes styling and maintaining your hair easier throughout the week.

4. Doesn't leave lint:

Many cotton items tend to leave traces of lint behind whether that be in your hair or your body. Microfibers properties allow you to dry you hair without having to harshly rub it creating friction and lint. The material it is made out of also aids in preventing lint as well.

5. More gentle on your curls:

Cotton can be very harsh and drying to your natural hair. Microfiber is a more gentle alternative that allows you to keep your curls hydrated and snag free for longer. In the long run, this results in better length retention and healthier hair overall.

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