5 Ways to Practice Self-Care This Valentine’s Day if You’re Spending it Alone

5 Ways to Practice Self-Care This Valentine’s Day if You’re Spending it Alone

By Johanna Ferreira

With many cities across the country still being on lockdown and outdoor dining not really being a feasible option in areas like NYC where it’s still brutally cold out, it’s hard to ignore the fact that this Valentine’s Day will be far from the norm. Whether you’re celebrating with your bae or riding solo this year — things are bound to look different while we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic. But let’s be frank, this is especially the cause if you’re spending it alone. That’s why we decided to dedicate this post to all the single ladies out there — especially those who might find the holiday triggering. We can’t think of a better way to make V-day all about self-love and self-care. If anything having to stay home provides some pretty good incentive to stop, slow down, and make some time for YOU!

Make your wash day ritual sacred. 


It’s not always easy to dedicate the time and patience that’s often required of wash day — especially if it’s a busy week. But on Valentine’s Day, why not make wash day less of a chore and more of a sacred ritual? Carve that time to pamper yourself from start to finish. We even recommend doing a hot oil treatment with our Dominican Forbidden Oil. Let it sit in a bowl of hot water until it warms up and then apply it and massage it into your roots only. Then apply the Forbidden Hair mask to your mid section and ends. Cover with a plastic or disposable shower cap and leave it on for a few hours while you’re face-masking and giving yourself a mani-pedi, before rinsing out. 

Enjoy a heavenly bath.

Indulge in a blissful soak by filling your tub with warm water and adding calming ingredients like sea salt, chamomile and lavender oil to help relieve any aches or pain. Throw in some rose petals as a symbol of self-love and warmth. Light some candles, play some soothing and relaxing music, and maybe even grab a book you’ve been dying to dive into. Make it something you could really look forward to!

Take some time to journal.

A mindful journaling practice can do wonders for your overall wellness. Get yourself a journal that fits your style and dedicate some time that day to write down any feelings of gratitude, as well as, stress you might be experiencing. Releasing it all out can be therapeutic in so many ways. Then make sure to set an intention for the day. It can be something as simple as “Today I Am Committed to My Peace and Joy.”

Engage in some movement.

We all know by now that exercise and movement can play an integral role in regulating and uplifting your mood. Release some endorphins with a nice sweat session whether it’s a virtual weight lifting class, 30 minutes on your peloton, or a yoga workout that’s going to leave you feeling energized and refreshed. 

Make yourself a delicious meal. 

There’s a reason why they say cooking is therapeutic and that’s because it engages so many of our senses, which can work to relieve stress and uplift our mood. Cooking a meal that you grew up with like your Abuelita’s sancocho, is good for activate feelings of comfort and nostalgia. 

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