3 Steps To Help Revive Your Natural Hair This Spring!

3 Steps To Help Revive Your Natural Hair This Spring!

Spring is finally here! Now its officially time to get those curls together, sis! Here are 3 easy steps to help revive your curls leaving them juicy and luxurious all season long!

Step 1: Trim Your Hair

Trims are essentials to your curls overall health. Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and tend to be the most problematic. When they aren't cared for it can cause unwanted breakage and tangles in your hair. You should get a trim every 2-3 months to ensure your strands stay split end and tangle free.

Step 2: Deep Condition Weekly

Deep conditioning is what we call "The GOAT" for natural hair. This is what brings old, limp, and dry curls back to life. Just like our bodies, our hair needs time to heal and relax. Deep Conditioning weekly allows you to put moisture back in your hair and gives it extra love and conditioning to get ready for your next style. Our Dominican Forbidden Hair Mask is perfect for providing extra moisture and nourishment to your hair after a long stressful week!

Step 3: Seal In Moisture

Yeah Deep Conditioning is great, but if you aren't sealing in the moisture it's provided then what are you really doing? We don't want your curls to be dry and crunchy on day 3. Instead, we want this style to last you throughout your entire week until your next wash day. This is why using a sealant such as our Dominican Forbidden Oil is so important. This allows you to keep your hair moisturized, fresh, and bouncy for longer because in the end our goal is to have longer and healthier curl days!

Now that we've got you ready for Spring, check our our Dominican Forbidden Collection!

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